joi, 19 iunie 2014

Butterfly-MoYou Nails stamping plate

Hello my darlings. 
Last week I received other beauties from MoYou Nails.
This time,along with the stamping plates Julia sent me three nail polish!
I chose:
-Image plate 231 ( price:£4.99)
-Image plate 223 ( price:£4.99)
-Image plate 217 ( price:£3.99)
-A set like this one (nail polishes) ( price:£12) 
I have: black , silver and lilac.

Sooo....As you know,I was very pleased with the quality of the other two stamping plates.
(see here).
 I didn't expect anything else from this new ones.They didn't let me down either.
The first one from the list is:
 I also tryed the black stamping polish!
About it:It comes in a 12 ml bottle with a very practical and simple package.This is one big like from me!!
It can be used for stamping but also as a color base.But....I only used it for stamping:

And my manicure made with those babies looks like this:

This is the real color of the base:

I took pictures with flash because the feeling that something bad will happen gave me no peace!! did!! The broken ice that I used  was clinging to everything and eventually this happened (view index finger):

This is all for today.
Hope you like it and stay close for the second part!!
Kisses :-*

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