miercuri, 28 februarie 2018

Nail Hugs -Evenligne France

Hi again sweet ladies.
On this wintery and cold night I want to talk to you about a new to me product received from Evenligne.
I'm presenting you nail hugs, produced by Alexandra and distributed by Evenligne.
Nail hugs aren't water decals nor nail stickers.
It's something in between.
It looks like this ( I have the snake skin one, wich you can find here).
 On the back of the package you find the instructions in how to apply them.
It comes in two separate sheets with the same pattern.

 Well, now to the application.

-cut the necesarry piece of nail hugs (on the back you can find a grid which allows you to cut the lenght you need)
-remove the plastic protector from the nail hugs
-stick it to the nails, gently rubbing it
-top coat
-remove the excess (this part it's tough, I 've tried acetone but it sticks to the brush and spread)
Also, I've tried water, no succes either. The only thing that kind of worked but you can still see it's not working really well it's gel cleaner.

I've made two manicure using those.
Do I like them??Hm....hard to say.
I like how easy you can apply those, but I find it hard to clean it up.
Besides after two days it's starts peeling off on the free edge.
The price is 4.37€ / package.
That's all for today.
Kiss, have a good night.

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  1. Da, aceste produse sunt cam tricky si eu am azi un review pe blog cu stickere si am avut aproape acelasi probleme. Mie totusi imi place cum arata pe oja China Glaze, ca piele de sarpe!

    1. Multumesc frumos, sunt foarte frumoase si cele folosite de tine! ♥️


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