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Pet'la Plate stamping plates - review

Good evening ladies.
Tonight I have a review for you!
Have you heard about Pet'la Plate stamping plates?..Well,I'm sure you did and if you haven't go check her website here or visit her Facebook page.
Let me tell you few things about it!
Pet'la Plate is an Hungarian indie brand run by the sweet,hardworking,imaginative Petra.
Petra created the company out of love for nail art!!
I received for this review ( my choise) Wishes 2!

The stamping plates are made of brass wich has a golden tone.They don't come with the film on them meaning they are already good for stamping soon as you pull them out from the bag,they are backless.
The images on this plate measures 2.4x2.0 cm lenght/width sooo they are large images (ladies with shorter nails like me- don't worry you'll be able to get  nice
images too!)
This plate and the others(excepting the plates from the summer collection) are intentionally etched deeper so that they would take longer for the polishes to dry in order to aide beginner stampers. 
I had few problems with the ones I marked with a star.
For today's manicure I choose this particular image:
It was a real challenge for me because I had to center it but for the first time doing that I'm pretty satisfied!

Along with this gorgeous plate I used:

My conclusion:
-This stamping plates are gorgeous.
-Some of them are limited editions (they are a good catch for the stamping plates collectors).
-Unique designs
-Great price
-Good quality
-Very large images
- I personally think that they are great for someone with experience in stamping.
Hope you like my review,you find it usefull!
Kisses :-*

16 comentarii:

  1. Sunt super modele de pe placuta. (mi se pare foarte amuzanta aia cu pisica :D )
    Sa o folosesti cu placere!
    Bun review :*

  2. Foarte frumoasa manichiura ta <3.Am intrat acum si eu pe site-ul asta,nu stiam de ele,sunt frumusele <3.Multumim pentru review.Te pup

    1. Multumesc Alexa.Ma bucur ca va este de folos acest review.Placutele merita fiecare banut daca sunteti interesate de ele.Pup

  3. gorgeous design ! love this plate! pacat ca nu ma pricep la stampling! :*

    1. Multumesc Teodora.Nici nu ai nevoie de talent la stampilat la ce modele free hand faci.Pup

  4. Foarte frumoasa manichiura :*

  5. Foarte reusita manichiura si placuta este minunata. Am mai auzit de Petra, dar niciodata nu am intrat pe site, asa ca de data aceasta o sa fac!

    1. Multumesc Andrea.Sper sa gasesti ceva sa iti placa,din punct de vedere calitativ sunt foarte bune.Pup

  6. You really centered the design perfect! And the designs on the plate are gorgeous and unique! do you know if she ships internationally?

    1. Thank you Victoria!Those plates are gorgeous,all of them.And yes they do ship internationally!

  7. Nu stiam de aceste placute. Cea aleasa este superba. Toate modelele imi plac, in special cea cu pisicuta! ♥
    Foarte bine structurat review-ul.
    Iar manichiura este deosebita si as purta-o cu mare drag. Eu nu prea ma pricep la stampilat modele ca acesta (pe toate unghia). Mereu le aplic stramb...

    1. Multumesc Mada,ma bucur ca iti plac,insemna ceva pentru mine mai ales aceste laude venind din partea ta!Nici nu ai nevoie de placute,asa ca nu vad rostul sa te chinui,modelele tale free hand sunt superbe!Pup

  8. very nice patter, i love how it came! beautiful!
    we could follow each other on GFC, i have added you already ! thanks !

    1. Thank you so much Bubica.I'm already a follower to your blog! :-*


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