marți, 23 ianuarie 2018

Sascha Gossen Yours stamping plate

Good evening pretty ladies.
Tonight I want to show you another stamping plate from Evenligne . This time I created a manicure using Yours YS04 made by Sascha Gossen, a stamping plate with zebra patterns.
This cute stamping pkate is quite small , but with asesome geometric lines/stripes.
It comes in a cute plastic envelope just perfect for it's size.
 It has no backing but the edges aren't sharp at all.
As you can see , it has all this cute lines (long, large, this, short).The etching is very good, very deep engraved.
What I found a little different was the scraping.I used an old credit card for scraping, a solid one, the fine ones are flexible and you can't get a crisp image.

 The price of this is 5.49€.
I did not mentioned this before but this one it's a so called indie stamping plate made by an independent nail profesional from Netherland - Sascha.
Soo I think it's a must have for a nail stamping addict.

So what do you ladies think?
Do you like it, would you try it?
Also, if interested , you can follow Eve, on her Facebook page (her webstore page) here.
Kiss , stay safe.


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