duminică, 3 decembrie 2017

Beautybigbang - Christmas Nail Stamping plate

Good evening sweet ladies.

After a long time, almost two months and a half I received my package from Beautybigbang.

So, you can guess, it's time for another review.

This package cointans three items: a nail pigment, a stamping plate and Beautybigbang ' s stamping mat.

But....due to some issues, I won't be reviewing the mat although I love it!!

Also, at this moment the newest version of this mat is available on the site , if you are interested you can search it after it's code - SKU: J3103TM

Here is a picture with it soo you can see how handy and beautiful it is.

Alright that beeing said I'll go ahead with the review to the product I've tested for you tonight - Beautybigbang 's Christmas stamping plate no. 5

Product ID - SKU: J3141TM-5A

First let me tell you, this stamping plate is amazing!!

It has 6 full nail patterns suitable for long nails.

You know I don't have this gift ( long nails) but in time I've learned how to use parts of the images to make my nails look pretty.

The images transfers amazing and it is very easy to work with.Very well engraved, no sharp edge.

You can see snowflakes, knitted patterns, tartan, sweater patterns.

So just because I love it a lot I've made two manis using this stamping plate.

And the second one:

I can say it's one of my favourite stamping plate.

If interested in this stamping plate or other that Beautybigbang sells at the moment you can check the web site ( you can also follow them on Facebook and Instagram).

They offer free shipping worlwide if you buy more than one item.

My discount code FRUM can get you a 10% off if you want to use it at checkout.

That's all for tonight.

Kiss you and with you all good night, keep safe.

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