luni, 18 ianuarie 2016

Swirl Tape from Whatsupnails

Hello,hello pretty ladies.
I'm behing with my reviews for the beauties I received from Whatsupnails .
Today I have a manicure I' ve made with the help of their vinyl guides .

As I was saing in my earlier post about them,they are very easy to work with.
They come in different sizes.

"The five sizes of the swirl strips range from small 3/8in x 3/16in (10mm x 4.5mm) to  5/8in x 1/4in (15mm x 7mm).
You can select from two sheet sizes:
  • Medium sheet contains 20 sections with 2 swirl strips each, or 40 strips.
  • Large sheet contains 30 sections with 2 swirl strips each, or 60 strips."
You can use the little swirls or the entire sheet.
They don't get stuck on your nails and they are easy to remove.

 This is the second time in my life that I use nail vinyls.
I say I did a good job but I'll keep practecing because I really like them!
For all of you who are interested you can find them Here for 3.75$.
Hope you like my quick and short review.
Kisses and stay safe.

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