marți, 28 iulie 2015

By Arwenn -Lady Night

Good evening pretty ladies.
This is my last review to the indie nail polishes from By Arwenn.
As I said in my previous posts,it was a real pleasure to collaborate with them.
They make gorgeous nail polishes!!
The one I'll show you tonight is one from the Rock and Goth Collection and it's called Lady Night!!

 Outdoors in the sunlight
 Indoors with flash

It is a gorgeous blue scattered holo!!
Application was easy,it nedded two coats to be opaque.
Capacity:15 ml
Brush: medium size
Also,pretty label!!
Drying time:excellent!
It is a little bit thick comparing to the rest I've tryed from them but it doesn't affect the application nor the drying time.

For the though part!!
This beauty it'a also a thermal!
But.....I don't know why I couldn't make it to change it's color.
I've tryed cold wather,warm wather even the fridge!!!
Still nothing!!
I don't know if it's me or her but....
Let me show you a photo taken from their facebook page for you to see the transition:
I'll try it again soon to see if the weather affect it somehow!!It was over 35° when I've applied it!!
Also I kept it away from the direct sunlight,at room temperature!!
I can't explain why it refuses to change it's color?!...
But...I still love it!!
Have you tryed one of their nail polishes?
If not,let me remaind you the fact that you have a 20% off discount if you use the code "Madalina" on Etsy online store.

12 comentarii:

  1. Eeeeeeee superba,chiar daca nu ai reusit sa o folosesti ca pe o termala,e minunata <3,pup

  2. I love it, I want it!!! I need it... <3

  3. Foarte frumoasa efectul holografic. Poate ca din cauya temperaturii nu functioneaza efectul termal.

  4. Ce oja superba! Imi pare rau ca efectul termic nu a fost vizibil, dar chiar si asa oja mi se pare de vis. ♥

  5. oja este absolut superba! chiar daca nu e termo, e geniala <3


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