joi, 18 iunie 2015

By Arwenn - Tiana - review and swatch

Good evening dear ladies.
My reviews serie continous!
This time with another indie nail polish from By Arwenn.
I don't remember if I mentioned this in my previous posts but...they are vegan and 5 free.
In this post I'll show you a gorgeous one callled Tiana from the Princess Collection.
The official description:
"Nail polish : green apple
Color:green apple
Size:15 ml"

The maker suggests appling it without any base color in 2-3 coats!
Sooo that's the exact thing that I did!I've applied it over my naked nail in 3 coats.As you can see it didn't cover it.
I suggest appling one more coat or over a white base color.
But I still like it!ALOT!!It has a unique color,the dring time,again,excellent!
And...I really love the labeling!Every single bottle has it's own character and color!

I sure recomand all off their nail polishes!They are indie,vegan,5free and not very expensive for an indie nail polish brand.
The one I showed you above is 7.5 euros.
Also,if you are tempted to order you can find all collections here and you can use the code "MADALINA" for a 20% off for their online webstore .
That's all for tonight.
Kisses and stay close for more reviews!

8 comentarii:

  1. doamne, cum pui tu mana pe ojele astea superbe? <3
    culoarea nu e prea pigmentata, dar sticluta imi place mult!

    1. Multumesc frumos Andra!Eiii,oricine poate pune manuta pe ele,trebuie doar sa fie interesat.Pup

  2. Frumoasa foc, sa ne arati si cum se aseaza in mai multe straturi , eu o vreau un picut mai opaca :D kiss

    1. Multumesc Teo.Si eu o vreau putin mai opaca,sa vad cum arata peste o baza alba!Pup

  3. Este cam translucida pentru gusturile mele in 3 starturi. Poate peste o baza de oja alba mi-ar placea mai mult!

    1. Multumesc frumo Andrea.Si mie mi-ar fi placut sa fie mai opaca dar sper ca peste o baza alba sa arate excelent.Pup.


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